Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pet Peeve Rant #1: Open and Close Elevator Buttons

Pet Peeve Rant #1: Open and Close Elevator Buttons

One question: why must they be little hieroglyphics that need to be deciphered?! I'm in the elevator, the doors are closing, but someone approaches. The pressure is on. I want to be nice and hold the door open for them. And if I don't hold the doors for them, they'll think I'm a bitch. But... which of the two buttons is the right one?! 

This should be easy. It should be a no-brainer, really. But you only have a split second to decide. Oh, the pressure! Which mind-boggling combination of triangles and lines means success and doing a kind turn for a fellow human being... and which one means certain failure?!

Oh, four buttons, eh? Now you're really trying to fuck with me. You tricky bitch...
(image credit: Pete's Guide to Technology)

Every single time I have to think to myself, "Okay, if I were a door...", gesturing with my hands to mimic the graphical representations of elevator doors closing or opening.

Why for Pete's sake can't the manufacturers just spell out the words "OPEN" and "CLOSE"?? Gah!

Heaven help me if I ever have to deal with this monstrosity...
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