Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Venus what???

This is my first post and I figured I'd start off pretty basic and answer a question some of you (and considering I have no readers yet, I suppose I mean "no one") may be wondering.

What does Venus Genetrix even mean?

According to the Wikipedia Powers-that-Be, Venus Genetrix is the representation of the goddess of love, Venus, in her aspect of mother. Not only do I just like the way that sounds, but since I'm a Libra and my ruling planet is Venus, if we pretend astrology has any credibility at all, then this is particularly fitting.

And as for the profile pic, it is a painting by my favorite artist, William-Adolphe Bouguereau. The name of the painting is Le Printemps, or The Return of Spring. Fitting because the goddess Venus was associated with the arrival of spring. The subject of the painting is surrounded by three adorable little cherubs who seem to absolutely adore her (and who appear to be pestering the shit out of her). So that is also fitting.*
* Incidentally, all of the subjects in the painting are nude. Is that fitting as well? Does that mean we enjoy our naked time around here? Well, I'll just leave that to your imagination (then call you a dirty pervert for imagining such a thing. You should be ashamed of yourself. Really.)  

Why? Well, I gave birth to three children within 13 months. Currently, their ages and aliases are:
Tootsie:  age 8. Nicknamed Tootsie because she's a real sweetheart. She's as clever and precocious as they come (which we all know means she's a little-miss-know-it-all). Tootsie is the spitting image of me and I frequently hear comments along the lines of her being my "Mini Me" or little clone.
Turbo:  age 7. Nicknamed Turbo because he is always on the go. If we are at the library, he immediately tries to climb up onto the checkout counter. If we are at the grocery store, he is trying to scale the checkout lane. Recently diagnosed with ADHD, surprise surprise.
Teensy:  age 7. Yup, that means Turbo and Teensy are twins (and now you can stop scratching your head over the 13 months math). Fraternal, not identical, obviously since identical twins are always the same sex*. (Though you would not believe how many people asked me if they were identical or not when they were babies. Which was especially strange considering they didn't even look identical.) Teensy is tiny and cute as a button. This fools a lot of people. She's sly and has a scandalous streak. She loves nothing more than to shock people and then giggle over her handiwork. 
* Unless there is a mutation during development in utero. Just to be precisely accurate.

Yes, they are my adorable (and adoring) little angels. But yes, they sometimes pester the shit outta me. Yet I love them with all my heart.

I must admit I am a little nervous about starting this blog. I know about cyberbullying; I've seen the Dateline NBC special. (No, I haven't. I felt pretty confident Dateline would have covered this topic though and Googled to verify. They have.) However, that's what comment moderation is for, right?

Overall, though, I am excited to finally start posting here. I have toyed with the idea for a while, and have had friends insist that I needed to start a blog, so here it is. (I also have a lot of friends who insist I should start a restaurant, so in addition to talking about myself and my kids, I'm sure there will be posts here about yummy food from time to time as well. So if you're a food whore like me, look forward to that, too.)

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

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